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At Trend Yapı Prefabric, you can find all the detailed information and more about prefab houses on our website.

We offer designs that push the boundaries of modern architecture and redefine the concept of prefabricated construction.


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 Our prefab houses are designed with a perfect harmony the living room partition to the kitchen and bedrooms, following technical analysis and project layout based on international quality certification standards. The details of materials and house dimensions are determined by our experts, offering you a range of opportunities to own a high-quality prefab house model that fits your budget.

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Why Prefabricated Houses?

Prefab houses are built by assembling components produced in a factory environment, thanks to their modular design. Since they are manufactured in separate pieces, they have the feature of being disassembled.

Prefab houses are designed taking into account the climate conditions of the area where they will be built. Static and insulation calculations are made according to the environmental and climate conditions. Therefore, your house is designed to provide energy efficiency. In addition, insulation features that you would have to add additionally in reinforced concrete structures are already included as standard in prefab houses.

Prefab houses make it easier for you to have your dream home compared to expensive reinforced concrete houses, making them affordable and budget-friendly. Moreover, their earthquake resistance also increases their preference.

Prefab houses are built according to international standards in terms of durability. Thus, they provide more durability against potential risks such as earthquakes compared to reinforced concrete structures. They can be designed according to your needs and preferences to ensure your peace and safety.

You can choose single-story or two-story prefab house models and make adjustments according to your preferences such as interior and exterior design, number of rooms, room size, or square footage.


In recent years, prefab houses have become a good option for those who want to get away crowded and exhausting metropolises. Prefab houses, which are equipped with all the comforts that the customer desires and designed according to the desired location, need to be mentioned for their advantages before the other reasons for their preference.


- Firstly, prefab houses, designed to meet every purpose and lifestyle, make it easier for you to have your own home with their attractive prices. They are structures that can be modified according to the user´s preferences, such as size, function, material ion, exterior appearance, and interior plan design. Prices are determined according to these features, and the price remains fixed unless there is a change in the feature.

- High-quality materials used in prefab houses, which are produced with reliable, robust, and insulated structures, can serve you for many years. With these features, a house designed this way creates a profile that is resistant to a wide range of weather conditions. Prefab houses provide maximum comfort and security to their users even in regions with challenging climate conditions.

- While it takes months to build a reinforced concrete house with all the features, a prefab house with all its features can be built in a short time, such as 10-15 days. Since the components are produced in a factory environment, prefab houses prepared in a short time save time for the buyers.

- The majority of the materials used in prefab houses have recyclable properties. Therefore, they provide users with an environmentally friendly and safe living space. These houses, which contribute greatly to reducing damage to nature, also consider human health and create a healthy living space for your family. Prefab houses, initially seen as a solution for security and shelter after earthquakes, still serve this purpose. As you know, Turkey is an earthquake-prone region, and many earthquakes, large or small, occur.

- Prefab houses are more resistant to earthquakes compared to other types of construction. These houses, which were originally produced for earthquakes, now outperform many structures both in terms of appearance and technically. Prefab houses should be the first choice for the safety and comfort of your family.


Trend Yapı Prefabrik offers a wide range of model options that provide a solution to the needs of buyers. You just need to decide what kind of house you want, and leave the rest to Trend Yapı Prefabrik. They offer you various options with modern and aesthetic prefab house models to the finest detail, supporting you throughout this process.


Which Prefabricated Home is Suitable for You?


- Trend Yapı Prefabrik offers a wide range of options that cater to all the needs of buyers.

- For those who prefer minimal living or dream of a smaller home, Single-Story Prefabricated Homes are the ideal choice.

- Two-Story Prefabricated Homes are perfect for large families and those who enjoy hosting guests.

- If you desire a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing home, Steel Homes are a great option.

- For those who wish to have a portable home that can be moved anywhere, like a turtle, Tiny Houses provide the flexibility you seek. You can choose any option based on your preferences.


During this process, you can ask yourself how you want to live in a home. Consider your interests, hobbies that you enjoy doing together with your family and loved ones. Do you prefer living in a spacious house with a garden or downsizing to a small and charming hobby house with fewer belongings and a philosophy of longer life? By asking yourself such questions, you can define the home of your dreams and get in touch with Trend Yapı Prefabrik to discuss your options.


Prefabric house models, which redefine the design concept associated with prefab homes, encompass comfortable and stunning living spaces. In addition to the user-friendly and comfortable interior designs, the flawless exterior facades captivate with their modernity and elegance. These design prefab homes, which embody the traces of modern architectural understanding, offer the opportunity to own impeccable-looking prefabricated homes at an affordable price.


Innovatively designed prefab structures are categorized into four groups: Single-Story Prefabricated Homes, Two-Story Prefabricated Homes, Design Prefabricated Homes, and Modular Homes. Prefabricated home prices are one of the discoveries of the modern world that make life easier. With their eco-friendly structures that promote energy efficiency, they provide financial savings. As production technologies advance, functionality and aesthetics take precedence in prefab homes.


You can have the house of your dreams in any desired location. Furthermore, compared to reinforced concrete structures, prefab homes are faster and easier to install, allowing you to create new living spaces in a very short time. Prefabricated homes, which enhance your quality of life and offer new and more comfortable living spaces, are preferred in today´s world, providing an alternative to the familiar reinforced concrete structures.


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